Present day Victor.


Victor Aaron Mercury is a stubborn, sarcastic 21 year old vampire. He doesn't appear to actually like people, or sometimes even life. He isn't the type of person to talk about he feels, but he isn't exactly shy.  He is very sarcastic, and quick witted. Also a very smart character.  He appears to be calm, but when angered is one of the worst things you can see. Victor loves his wife and children more than anything in the world-- even more than his own life and would die for them.  If anyone laid a finger on them, they would  be 'toast'. Victor is very musical. He can play the piano well, and can even sing and dance a little. But he is to modest just to come right out and do so.                                                                                        

Full Name: Victor Aaron Mercury
Nicknames: V
Age: 21
Birthday: October 30
Height: 6'5


Status: Alive


Father: Walter Mercury
Mother: Neda Mercury
Siblings: Valerie Mercury

Vanessa Mercury

Kenny Mercury

Keira Mercury


Ichabod Crane

Ratchet Lombax

Sweeney Todd


Victor is a very tall (6'5) man, as well as slender. His hair is slightly short (about to his collar bone), with blue in the tips of his hair and bangs. His bangs hang into his face. Before he became a vampire, his eyes were brown. Now that he is a vampire, his eyes are a redish-brown color.  He wears eyeliner on his eyes. It was suggested by Karu, although he thinks of himself more attractive with it as well (other agree to this)

Early LifeEdit

Victor at 15

Victor at 15

Victor was born on October 30 in Birmingham, England.Growing up, Victor had no friends, and had braces most of his life. He was always the smartest kid in his class, and labed as "teachers pet" or "freak" because of his strange height growing up, the braces and the smarts.  He was bullied on how he appeared everyday, and when he'd get home, he'd deal with his drunk, abusvie father. There wasn't a day that went by that he wasn't hit or abused. His mother, Neda, didn't do or say much about it. To this day, Victor is not sure why.  When Victor became 12, his father tried a new way of abuse. This new way, was rape.  After the first time, Victor was forced to never speak of this to anyone, or he'd regret it. From that day on, Victor didn't only recieve abuse, but he was also raped once in a while by his father as both a punishment, and for his fathers own lust.  His only real friends were his sister, and his dog, Kibble.

When he was 18, he was set up to marry a girl by the name of Vera Maye. Victor has said she was annoying.  He hated the fact he was that old and with this time period was set up to get married like the old match-maker days.  He one day caught Vera cheating on him. He never cared for her, but it was hurtful in terms. Within a few days, he took some of his families money and went off on his own with not much a warning. He went off to London.


In November, within a few weaks of being in London, Victor met his now wife,KaruHe calls her the love of his life, as he fell almost instantly in love with her when seeing her. He once said that he felt she was the one he wanted to be with forever.

"When I saw her, I felt that she would be the one I'd be with forever. It was something I could feel. That someday I would be inseparable from her."

True to his feelings, they got together and he is deeply in love with her. He would die without her

Other factsEdit

Victor has been raped a number of times, by different people

He's attempted to kill himself about two or three times.