Personality Edit

Vanessa Lilly Mercury is a giggly, bubbly little girl. As she ages up to 16, she is a sweet, kind caring girl. With her fathers smarts and mothers attitude. Vanessa is very protetive (even as a little girl) of her younger siblings, and loves her family very much. 

Appearance Edit

Vanessa has about black shoulder length hair and blue eyes. When she gets older, her hair is to the middle of her back. She usually wears a purple flower in her hair,  She usually wears something purple, usually skirts or dresses (in teen and childhood)                                                                                                                      

Full Name: Vanessa Lilly Mercury
Nicknames: Nessa, Nes, Nessie
Birthday: October 24
Gender:  Female
Height:  Unkown
Status: Alive


Father: Victor Mercury
Mother:  Karu Mercury

Kenny Mercury

Keira Mercury

Early Life/TeenhoodEdit

Vanessa was born on October 24th in London, England.  As she is currently only four, her childhood is just beginning.  Currently, Vanessa is giggly and outgoing. When she grows up,  Vanessa matures, but still keeps her mothers attitude of being giggly and bubbly, getting her fathers smarts. She becomes a smart student in school, and will begin to attend the school both her her mother, Karu Mercury Aunt Rose-Mari Dermik, as well as her grandparents. 


Older Vanessa (Aged 16)