Present day Valerie


Valerie Mercury is a 28 year old girl.  She is nice for the most part, and kind. She is a religious Christian, but not as much as her mother and (supposedly) father. 


Valerie has about shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears a yellow short sleeved shirt (as yellow is her favorite color) and a long black skirt, sometimes with red and yellow designs.  And she is always wearing a silver cross on her neck. 

Early LifeEdit

Valerie was born on Math 24 in Birmingham, England.  She was very popular in school (Specially High School) had high grades and was a cheerleader at the Birmingham Academy.  According to her brother,Victor, She was his only friend (apart from his dog) in school, although she had many friends herself and was quite popular. She was the older sibling, and favored more by her parents, though usually it is the younger sibling more favored. Valerie at the age of 28 does not have a boyfriend, fiancee or husband and does not have any kids. Its unknown whether or not she wants a family.

Name: Valerie Jewel Mercury
Nicknames: Val, Vallie
Age: 28
Birthday :

May 24th

Height: 5'10
Gender: Female
Status: Alive


Father: Walter Mercury
Mother: Neda Mercury

Victor Mercury

Children: None
Friends: N/A
Mercury siblings

Valerie and brother Victor in 2012