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Timothy, presently.


Timothy is an ancient vampire who is fairly artist, and loves to paint and draw. Timothy is protective, flirty and well manored, but sometimes his flirting gets him into serious trouble. He's bisexual, unsure if he actually has a preference in gender. He can be kind as well. Timothy came from France.


Timothy has long red hair and blue eyes.  His hair is usually flowing or tied back in a pony-tail. Timothy is actually quite a handsome male,  dressing mostly fancy, and old fashioned. He wears a lot of blue colors, and wears eyeliner to bring out the blue eyes.  He wears a pair of black glasses, as his eyes are fairly poor.

Timothy is a death sythe, and has a sythe appearence, as well as his 'human' look.

Full Name: Timothy Moe Fances

Timmy, Tim, 

Age: 263
Birthday: July 27
Height: 5'8
Gender: Male
Status: Alive


Father: Samuel Fances
Mother: Susanna Fances
Sibling(s) Leonardus Fances
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Scythe form.

Early LifeEdit

Little Timmy

Young Timothy

Timothy was born on the 27th of July in the year of 1750.  He was born to Samuel and Susanna Fances in France. He was born five years after his older brother Leonardus.  Timothy's famiy was all born vampires. Timothy, for the most part, was always a good, smart child. But growing up with his brother, things were sure to turn out bad. Leonardus was quite the bad influence. Timothy was always bisexual, but didn't quite realize it until he was around 12 or 13 years old.  As he is rather ancient, he's had many relationships throughout his teen years. In present day, Timothy has done a bunch of bad, probably due to the influence so young of his brother.  Timothy however is a lot kinder than Leo.

Timothy spent most of his childhood in France, and had a strong interest in art, he loved to create and his parents thought he had a wonderful talent. He spent most his time drawing. His parents sort of favored Timothy more, due to his talent, and that he was somewhat better behaved than his brother, but loved them both. When Leo influenced  TImothy more as he got older, Susanna and Samuel were just disappointed. 

Timothy made some trouble as a kid, seeming to get somewhat worse as he  hit the age of 260. When Timothy turned 260,  he had been living in the England area, where he began to make trouble by raping twice Sandi Todd, getting her pregnant once (She lost the child). Later on, he was punished for his acts, but then raped Victor Mercury a few times. Now, being 263, Timothy has realized the mistakes he made,  and has been making up  for them.

Tim and Leo

Timothy and Leonardus.