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About the Academy== The Beadle Academy is a private school located in Hartford, Connectitcut.

The mission of the academy is to make sure all students have a great education, able to meet with peers in a private like place.

The academy has been blown up twice. It has been restored twice as well. After the first explosion, the 6th grade social studies teacher, Mr. Regatano had gone missing. Murdered. His body never found.

The Beadle Academy and its students will always remember Mr. Regatano, mostly for his love of giving out F's to most his students.

School infoEdit


Sampson The-Beadle. Founder of the Beatles Academy.

The Beatles Academy was founded in July 1919 by Beadle Sampson. The 25 year old had been quoted saying:

"There should be a private school. For children starting in kindergarden. Fairly small classes and you had to be enrolled."

Thus, The Beatles Academy was formed. At the time of its forming, the school was known as The Purple Academy. Sampson was the principle for a long while at the school. This rules were simple. It was a mostly middle class acadmy. (With the acception of a few lower class students, smart with scolarships. Or even some richer class) and he chose only the best teachers to teach the students.

In 1964, The Beatles(Brittish band)  took over Amercia. It was said they won over 70 year old Sampson. The Purple Academy became The Beatles Academy.

In 1968, Sampson retired at the age of 74. His 28 year old son, Timothy took over the same year. And in 1990, Sampson passed on. A well known principle who will live on forever.

The schools colors are Purple and Blue. The classes go from K-12. (If freshly joining Kindergarden with no other schools, it would nice for the child to have a bit of knowlage, "pottytrained" and able to talk and walk.
The schools mascot is a blue phoenix with purple through it.
The schools uniforms consist of:
Females- Blue Skirt, Blue Tie, Purple Shirt. Black Flats and or shoes
Males- Blue Pants, Blue Tie Purple shirt. Black Dress shoes


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Mr. Gakupo and Mr. Kaito.

Principles: Mr Kaito and Mr. Gakupo.
Asst. Principle: Mr The Beadle.
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Ms. Kagamine and Ms. Hatsune, School nurses.


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Some of the staff

Rumor has it, Mr. Regatano's spirit still haunts the academy

Below is a list of all the teachers at the Academy:

Art:  Mrs Keenasinc

Heath: Mr Deanler
Gym: Mr Captian Sparrow.
Woodshop:  Mrs Mc- Downey
French:  Mr Hybee
Spanish: Mrs Dervin.
Chours:  Mr Dragadoor.
Band:  Mrs Bandicles
Strings:  Mr Turper

Kindergarden- Mrs Frenchiba
First- Mrs Ribhah
Second- Mrs Healart
Third- Mrs Clouide
Forth- Mrs Bridgerler
Fith- Mr Jim

6th grade-
S.S:  Mra Giltard (In Memory of Mr Regatano)
Science:  Mrs Gyde
Math:  Mr Foryin
L.A: Mrs Roglin

7th Grade-
Science: Mrs Forns
S.S:  Mr Barnin
Math:  Mrs Splaah
L.A:  Mr Peanut

8th grade-
S.S: Archibald
Math:  Mr Poof
L.A: Mrs Osgood
Science: ms Oak

S.S-  Mr Campbell
Math- Mr Corthell
Science-  Mr Acplem
English- Mrs Gaudette

Science-  Mr Water
English- Mrs Bug
Math- Mr Claws
S.S- Mr Ranger

Math-  Mrs Fortlee
Science- Mrs Galaa
S.S-  Mr Beavus
English-  Mr Muggle.

English-  Mr Skaten
S.S-  Mrs Kleo
Science- Mr Krypton
math- Mrs ADD


soccer,cheering and swimming uniforms.


The Acadmy has a bunch of after school activities.