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The Adventures of Karu and Denna is a series of roleplays and or roleplay characters.

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A roleplay world consisting of two best friends (Karu and Denna)  and all of their family and friends

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Karu Mercury                              Denna  Wesker                                              The Beatles Academy.

Victor Mercury                                                                                                 Shanizem

Rose-Mari Dermik.

Lilly Jackson

Drake Jackson

Valerie Mercury

Vanessa Mercury

Kenny Mercury

Keira Mercury

Controlled/created by' Karus admin ' '       Controlled/created by Denna's admin)

Ichabod Crane

Sweeney Todd

Sandi Todd

Ratchet Lombax

Timothy M. Fances

Leonardus Fances

Johanna Barker

Anthony Hope

Not so important/Not used often:

Samuel Fances

Susanna Fances

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  • edit The Beatles Academy~
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    Summary: 'Beatles' Academy makes no sense. I assume you meant Beadle? Which, in that case, I have fixed some occurrences, I recommend that you should fix it yourself, too. - A.G, signing off
  • discussion page Talk:Victor Mercury
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: The artwork is bland and has no shading whatsoever. I feel like that's a shame, considering the descriptions of the characters are quite interesting,...
  • discussion page Talk:Sandi Todd
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    Comment: Are- Are you fuckin kidding me? First of all, you made a fan character and drew her like some Mary Sue anime girl, and second of all, why do you have...
  • discussion page Talk:Anthony Hope
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: You do realize he's practically the same, right? Nothing is different.
  • edit Johanna Barker
    edited by Morganamortuary diff

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