UMbrella corp XD

A bottle of Shanizem


Shanizem is a drug, similar to a rape drug.  It was produced by the Umbrella Corp. (Shanizem is NOT a real drug. ) 

Shanizem got its name from a friend of the admins of this wiki, followed by the word (sort of real) izem, making it sound like an element. 


When one takes Shanizem, one pill will  take effect in moments. You know it takes effect when your eyes become fuzzy, and you can only see things in a blur. Usually, one person gives Shanizem to someone they want to "take advantage" of, so it will not be rape so to speak.   Once the eyes become blurry, the person  not taking the drug can controll completely what the victim remembers.  You can specificly say: "I don't want you to remember the events before and after Shanizem" But the person can make the other remember key points. The person after done comanding simply has to say the word "Stop" and the victims  eyes will return back to normal.  After a few moments, the drug takes effect, making the person/victim whom took it willing without reasoning.

It is possible for the person taking it to be willing to take the drug, though it is also possible for the person not to be willing.  

To get one to take it, all they really have to do is swallow the pill. 


Shanizem XD

A Shanizem pill

Shanizem is two shades purple, and a fairly small  pill.  It isn't required to be taken with water (or anything for that matter) and needs to be swallowed, not chewed, for the best reactions.