Sandra Amber Todd (Sandi) is a shy, and can be a bit mean spirited. Like her father, Sandi has a big temper, which can activate quickly if angered or upset. Sandi is not a people person, and can be kind of depressed, from lack of friendship usually.  Not many people seem to like her, and she considers herself a "forever-alone" person.

Appearance Edit

Sandi has long(to lower back) black hair. She also has brown eyes. Her hair isn't natrually black, it was originally brown, and to her knees. Sandi can be considered beautiful to a lot of people

Sandi likes the color red. In her original time frame ( Victorian London) She will be seen in a red dress with a black belt.  In her present day appearance, it usually is a grey and or black tanktop or tee, with a red skirt with black strips. Whether she is present day, or Victorian London, she'll always wear black boots with a silver necklace with the letter L (for her mother) 

Early LifeEdit


Young Sandi.

Full name: Sandra Amber Todd
Nicknames: Sandi
Age: 18
Birthday: October 13
Height: 5'6


Race: Human
Father: Sweeney Todd (Benjamin Barker) 
Mother: Lucy Barker

Johanna Barker

Children:  N/A

Elizabeth Brown

Anthony Hope

Sandi was born October 13 in London England. She is the oldest of two to Lucy and Benjamin.  When she was hardly one, her father was arrested. Her baby sister Johanna was taken by a man called Judge Turpin. Sandi hid when this happened, and was later found and sent to Canterbury after her mother attempted to kill herself.She lived in an orphanage until she was 16 years old. At the age of 16, she ran away, leaving her best friend behind. She knew about her father, and longed to find him.  She went to a place called Mrs. Lovett's pies and finds her father dead. Using witch craft, brings him back from the dead. She currently lives with him now to this day. 

Not So Fun factsEdit

-Sandi has her appearance and personality from her father. 

-Sandi has been raped twice by a man named Timothy Fances, and had gotten pregnant by him, before losing the child.