Leonardus, present day



Leonardus has a very mean personality, bad and cruel. He doesn't really care what he does or what people think of him. He is bisexual, but its unsure what gender he prefers most, as he seems to like both equally.


Leonardus has long red hair, tied up into a pony-tail.  At the end of his hair, is black tips, which are natural hair color.  The black comes from a grandparent. Like both his parents, he also has blue eyes.  He wears a yellow shirt with an orange tie.  As well as a black coat and pants. On his head sits a black top hat, and on his hands black gloves.  He wears black dress shoes, and just for show, a  silver cane. 

Early LifeEdit

The only thing known about his past is that Leo is a complete badass, starting lots of trouble as a kid.

Full Name: Leonardus Edward Fances
Nicknames: Leo
Age: 268
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Race: Vampire
Father:  Samuel Fances
Mother: Susanna Fances
Sibling(s) Timothy M. Fances