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Kenny George Mercury  is a random child. He can be quite silly and likes to goof around. He isn't always the sharpist tool in the shed, but is a good caring protective boy.  As he grows up, he matures, but will always remain goofy.


Kenny is a blonde boy with hair to his collar bone. His eyes are brown. As he gets older, his blonde hair goes down to about his shoulder. He enjoys the color red(As both a teen and a child) As a teen, he usually wears red shirts with blue jeans and a pair of Black converse that go up to the ankle. 

Full Name: Kenny George Mercury
Nicknames: Ken, Kenneh, 
Age: 3
Birthday: September 12
Height: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Lombax
Status: Alive
Father: Victor Mercury
Mother: Karu Mercury

Vanessa Mercury

Keira Mercury

Early Life/TeenhoodEdit

Kenny was born on September 12 in London England. He is only 3, as his childhood is just beginning. When he gets older, he attends the academy attended by his aunt, mother, and grandparents. (The Beatles Academy~)

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Kenny at the age of 15