Somewhat present Keira


Keira Mae Mercury is  a different kind of little girl.  She is very shy, but can be deadly. Which is how she got the title "Silent But Deadly."  She loves her family (Specially her father) and can get very angered when people make fun or her or her family. This develops more and more as she ages up. 


Keira as a baby has short flaming red hair, inherited from her grandmother from her mothers side. She also got the green eyes from her mothers side. As Keira gets older, she is noted to be very short. (Unlike her father, probably from her mother) and wears usually yellow, and as she becomes a teenager/preteen, she wears a black skirt and a yellow shirt, with a pink headband and black boots.                    

Full Name: Keira Mae Mercury
Nickname: Keir

7 months.

Birthday: July 27
Gender: Female


Status: Alive
Race: Vampire
Father: Victor Mercury
Mother: Karu Mercury

Vanessa Mercury

Kenny Mercury

Early life /Teenage hoodEdit

Keira was born on July 27 in London England. As she was recently born, her childhood has hardly began. When concived, her father Victor Mercury was a vampire, and as her mother, Karu Mercury was half vampire, resulted in Keira being a full vampire.  When she grows up, she remains quiet, but deadly, carrying around a machete. She seems insane, and maybe a little bipolar, although she looks really sweet, and she can be as well.

Keirer XD

Keira at the age of 14