Present day Karu.

Full name: Karu Autumn Mercury
Nicknames: Kars, Karu-Chan


Birthday: May 1
Height: 5'4/5'5


Status: Alive
Race: Vampire/Lombax
Father: Drake Jackson
Mother: Lilly Jackson
Siblings: Rose-Mari Dermik

Vanessa Mercury

Kenny Mercury

Keira Mercury


Ichabod Crane

Ratchet Lombax

Denna Wesker

Sweeney Todd

Sebastian Michaelis

Personality Edit

Karu Autumn Mercury is a random, bubbly 21 year old girl. She loves all of her family and friends and would do anything for them. She isn't exactly open when it comes to talking to people at first, once she gets to know you and she likes you, she'll open right up as the Karu all of her friends know and love. Karu will be friendly to all, as long as they don't harass or insult the people she loves. Karu has a love for music, and can play the guitar very well.


Karu is about 5'4 or 5'5. She is a slender girl with golden blonde hair and a blue streak from her bangs. Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue. Karu is unlike anyone. She is a lombax (Ratchet and Clank) and a vampire. Though, she isn't like most vampires, she can eat human foods and doesn't prefer to drink blood.

Early LifeEdit

Little Karu

Karu as a child.

Karu was born in Hartford, Connecticut on May 1st. Her childhood best friends consisted of Ichabod Crane, Denna Naraku(Wesker) and Ratchet Lombax.  Karu attended The Beatles Academy , a private school in Hartford, along with her two best friends. Karu would often get picked on for her Lombax ears.

In Janurary of her Sophmore year at the Academy, Karu was forced to leave England  for her own safety.  Scientists of the area began to get way to curious about her species. Karu's family sent her off to England, where she met her famous uncle, Michael Jackson.



Karu's family as of 2011

Karu met the man she evetually married  when she was 18. Three years after she moved to London, she ran  into her now husband, Victor Mercury .  They dated for two months and in January, they discovered  they would be having a child. Nine months later (October 24) Vanessa Mercury was born. Soon after( September 12 in the next year) Kenny George Mercury was born. One year later, a third was added. Keira Mae Mercury was born on July 27.
Aface (4)

The Jacksons, Dermiks and Mercury's as of 2013, Easter.