Present day Drake


Drake Jackson is a 48 year old man.  He loves his family, and would do anything for them. He is very defensive about them, but a kind man as well.


Drake has collar bone blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually wears black glasses, as his vision isn't the best.  He is usually seen in a darkish  green long sleeved shirt.

Early LifeEdit

Name: Drake James Jackson
Nickname: Dray
Age:  48
Birthday: February 27
Height: 5'9
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Race:  Human
Father: Joesph Jackson
Mother:  Andera Jackson/Marley

Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Latoya,Marlon, Michael, Randy, Janet


Rose-Mari Dermik

Karu Mercury

Friends: N/A

Drake was born on February 27 in New Britian, CT. There isn't much to be known about Drakes Early life, other than his parents and school attended.  Drake lived in New Britian for a few years, before moving to Hartford, CT and began to attend The Beatles Academy. He later met his wife, Lilly. 

Drake is the half-brother to the famous Jackson siblings.  Born to Joesph Jackson and Andera Marley. 


Daddy and me

Karu and Drake

 Drake Met his wife Lilly Jackson while he attended The Beatles Academy. They had two daughters, Rose-Mari Dermik, and Karu Mercury. They also have five grandchildren Pierre and Miah from Rose-Mari, and Vanessa, Kenny and Keira from Karu.